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Stay At Home With Us

Stuck at home? What better way to spend your days inside accompanied by a warm cup of coffee! Our coffee will not only warm up your day, but it will warm up your heart! All online proceeds from the coffee will be donated to Seibo Japan. A Japan based NGO who pledged to feed hungry children in Malawi. So wait no longer and order our coffee 🙂

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Bought it! How do I make the coffee?

Making coffee is pretty easy, especially if you order ground coffee! We personally do pour covers, so you’ll need a pour-over coffee pot.

First, make sure to heat your water. Then, line the funnel with the correct size coffee filter. After that, put in however many tablespoon scoops of ground coffee into the funnel. In general, use 3 tablespoons of coffee for one cup. The last step is to pour hot water into the funnel slowly until it finishes dripping. Make sure to only pour enough water to cover the beans before repouring once it has finished filtering through the funnel. Also please take care to leave no dry clumps of coffee behind. The whole process will take around two to four minutes, depending on which kind of roasted coffee you have. After the process has finished, your done and free to do anything with the drink! 

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Is there anything more important than coffee?

Actually, yes. Children. From May 2019 part of your 100% coffee donation will be used to provide food support to an existing after-school meal programme in Tokyo’s suburbs. Over the last 3 years our partner organsiation have been providing a free meal for children in twice-a-week. With the assistance of donations raised from our coffee subscribers we aim to increase the frequency of the free daily meal from 2 days to 6 days a week.

Child Poverty in Japan

Sadly Japan is not immune to child poverty. While we can’t disclose all details of the after-school programme we can paint a picture. Most of the kids are aged between 8 to 12 whose sole parent usually works anti-social hours if they have work at all. As many of the children rely on the after-school meal to supplement their next day’s breakfast we felt it made sense to help what little we can. We thank you for your understanding.

P.S In case you are thinking we’ve switched priorities we haven’t. We continue to send the majority of our donations to Malawi to fund existing commitments. All we ask is that you drink more coffee!

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Coffee, Bike & Love!

Our social enterprise partners in the UK have come up with an idea that reduces waste in the UK and helps to end poverty in Malawi. It also helps that the product they make using recycled inner bicycle tubes is super cool and only available in Japan from us! Warm Hearts the only agents in Japan selling the Cycle of Good product range. Watch this space for more! In the meantime check out what to expect in the coming months click HERE!