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Bought it! How do I make the coffee?

Making coffee is pretty easy, especially if you order ground coffee! We personally do pour covers, so you’ll need a pour-over coffee pot.

First, make sure to heat your water. Then, line the funnel with the correct size coffee filter. After that, put in however many tablespoon scoops of ground coffee into the funnel. In general, use 3 tablespoons of coffee for one cup. The last step is to pour hot water into the funnel slowly until it finishes dripping. Make sure to only pour enough water to cover the beans before repouring once it has finished filtering through the funnel. Also please take care to leave no dry clumps of coffee behind. The whole process will take around two to four minutes, depending on which kind of roasted coffee you have. After the process has finished, your done and free to do anything with the drink!